UPDATED 3/9/20

Choir Calendar 2020


3/13 Valencia High School Vocal Jazz festival 7:30am-2pm (Jazz Choir)

3/13 Hart High School ENCORE Show Choir Competition 7:30pm-Midnight (Show Choir)

3/20 Los Alamitos High School XTRAVAGANZA Show Choir Competition 4:30pm-Midnight (Show Choir)

3/26 Open House 5pm performance & table (Show Choir)

3/26-28 Choir Tour in San Diego! (Concert Choir, Treble Choir, & Jazz Choir)


4/14 Spring Concert Solo Auditions 2pm-7pm in choir room (Open to all)

4/17 Burroughs Show Choir Competition in Burbank *night time, exact time TBD (Show Choir)

4/21 SCCEA Scholarship Auditions after school at COC (Concert Choir)

4/23 Performance at Hart District Teacher Awards at Grace Baptist 7pm (Concert Choir)

4/24 Performance of the National Anthem at the Angels Game 6:50pm start (Open to all)

4/28 SCCEA all district choral festival at Grace Baptist after school-10pm with breaks (Concert Choir)

4/30 El Dorado Treble Choir festival in Placentia 8am-2pm (Treble Choir)


5/4 Solo Tech in the Forum 6:30pm (Soloists only)

5/6 Dress Rehearsal in the Forum (ALL CHOIRS)

5/7 Choir Show 6pm call time, 7pm show (ALL CHOIRS)

5/8 Choir Show 6pm call time, 7pm show (ALL CHOIRS)

5/11-5/15 Choir auditions for Saugus students at Saugus

5/21- Jazz Choir Callbacks 3pm-7pm *Hopefully we will be done by 5pm, but sometimes it takes a decent amount of time and I need some students to stay a bit longer.

5/22-Concert Choir Callbacks 3pm-5pm

5/22- Show Choir callbacks 5pm-7pm

5/23- Choir Banquet (This date is still up in the air as we are still trying to solidify a location)


6/4 Graduation (Concert Choir and all choir seniors sing the National Anthem and senior song)