Dear Students and Parents,

This choral program has a reputation of exceptionally talented and hard-working students and I cannot wait to work with dedicated individuals to create beautiful and intricate music. It will be my joy to uphold the high expectations of this organization.

In order for our program to be successful students need to devote their time, their dedication, and their self-discipline. I urge students to try their best every day and put forth their best quality of work. We should not settle for less, and our achievement is dependent on each and every choir member.

Choir has always been my safe place and my haven. I’ve dedicated my life to it and hope to bring that same passion and joy to this group. Choir can be the place where you meet life-long friends, make lasting memories, and fall in love with music. It is also a place where sometimes you can get impatient with your peers, get on your friend’s nerves, or get tired of me! I ask for your patience through this process and I will give you all of mine. Together we can put our best foot forward every day. Attempt to leave your stress and concerns at the door, it will be there when you leave class. I could not be more thankful for the opportunity to work with these students at this school. I cannot wait to see what the year brings.


Kaitlin Holt

CHORUS ALTO/SOPRANO A/B (Treble Choir)                                                                     

Anyone can register for Treble Choir, an audition will follow for voice part placement. 

Fulfills the fine arts requirement for graduation as well as the UC/CSU Fine arts requirement.    

This is an introductory choral class for treble voices (unchanged, or alto and soprano voices) and the entry level choir class. Students must audition for the director for adequate vocal placement. Students may enter the class at the beginning of the school year or at the semester.  Music of various genres, languages and periods in history will be performed.  Emphasis is on vocal development and style with focus on proper vocal production, breathing and posture.  Music theory and musicianship will be included in the curriculum, but previous knowledge is not required.  Students perform classical repertoire as well as pop music and modern art songs. Students perform at concerts, festivals and in the community. 

CONCERT CHOIR A/B                                                                                                                                                                       

Previous choral/music experience suggested, but not required, and an audition by the Director.                          

Fulfills the fine arts requirement for graduation as well as the UC/CSU Fine arts requirement.

This is Saugus’s most advanced and highly competitive vocal ensemble. Advanced music is performed by this group, both accompanied and a cappella. Students will sing various genres, languages and periods in history with particular focus on classical choral music. Students perform extensively throughout the year at festivals, concerts and in the community. Advanced music theory and musicianship will be covered in this class. Previous music experience is desired, but not required. Students in this course tour in the spring. This is a year-long course.                                                      

SHOW CHOIR A/B                                                                                                                                                                            Prerequisite: A singing and dancing audition is required.  This is a year-long course.

Fulfills the fine arts requirement,  UC/CSU Fine arts requirement, and 9-12 can earn P.E. credit.                                                                                    This choir is a performing group where students will learn the basics of show choir presentation, which includes ear-training, correct vocal production and dance skills. Previous singing and dance experience is desired, but not necessary. This class competes at several competitions in the spring. In the spring there are weekly after school rehearsals and occasional weekend practices. 

ADVANCED JAZZ ENSEMBLE                                                                                                             

Prerequisite: An audition is required. It is suggested & preferred that students in Jazz Choir are also enrolled in another choir or have taken a choir class at Saugus before, but it is not required. 

Fulfills the fine arts requirement for graduation as well as the UC/CSU Fine arts requirement.    

This is an advanced vocal ensemble. Music for this group will focus on Jazz styles from Dixieland to the Modern Era, as well as pop acapella. Students will perform at festivals and concerts in the Fall and Spring. Students all sing on microphones in a smaller vocal ensemble setting. Advanced jazz music theory and musicianship will be covered in this class. Previous choral or music experience is desired for this course, but not required. This is a year-long course. 

MUSIC INDUSTRY I CTE A/B                                                                                                                                                                                 

Fulfills the practical arts requirement for graduation.

Music Industry I is a level one course that serves as an introduction to music production and live sound. This course will introduce digital audio workstations that include Soundtrap, Garage Band, Logic, and Ableton. This is a project based class, with all projects being completed in class during class time. Students will also participate in masterclasses with industry professionals and learn about careers in the music industry beyond “performer”. Students do not need to sing or play an instrument for this course. There are no performance requirements, but students will share their projects with the class.

MUSIC INDUSTRY II CTE A/B                                                                                   

Fulfills the practical arts requirement for graduation.                                                                                                  

Music Industry II is a level 2 course with the prerequisite of Music Industry I. This class is largely project based, with students choosing their preferred DAW (digital audio workstation) to create their own beats, write songs, and compose music. Students will also learn how to run sound boards and live sound. Students in this class will be exposed to networking opportunities via masterclasses with industry professionals and will develop career path skills including networking, portfolio making, and resume writing. Completion of this course fulfills the music career pathway.