CTE Music Industry

Professional Music Career Pathway at Saugus

MUSIC INDUSTRY I CTE A/B                                                                                                                                                                                 

Fulfills the practical arts requirement for graduation.

Music Industry I is a level one course that serves as an introduction to music production and live sound. This course will introduce digital audio workstations that include Soundtrap, Garage Band, Logic, and Ableton. This is a project based class, with all projects being completed in class during class time. Students will also participate in masterclasses with industry professionals and learn about careers in the music industry beyond “performer”. Students do not need to sing or play an instrument for this course. There are no performance requirements, but students will share their projects with the class.

MUSIC INDUSTRY II CTE A/B                                                                                   

Fulfills the practical arts requirement for graduation.                                                                                                  

Music Industry II is a level 2 course with the prerequisite of Music Industry I. This class is largely project based, with students choosing their preferred DAW (digital audio workstation) to create their own beats, write songs, and compose music. Students will also learn how to run sound boards and live sound. Students in this class will be exposed to networking opportunities via masterclasses with industry professionals and will develop career path skills including networking, portfolio making, and resume writing. Completion of this course fulfills the music career pathway.

Check out this song made in class by one of our current Music Industry students:

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