Concert Choir

CONCERT CHOIR A/B                                                                                                                                                                       

Previous choral/music experience suggested, but not required, and an audition by the Director.                          

Fulfills the fine arts requirement for graduation as well as the UC/CSU Fine arts requirement.This is Saugus’s most advanced and highly competitive vocal ensemble. Advanced music is performed by this group, both accompanied and a cappella. Students will sing various genres, languages and periods in history with particular focus on classical choral music. Students perform extensively throughout the year at festivals, concerts and in the community. Advanced music theory and musicianship will be covered in this class. Previous music experience is desired, but not required. Students in this course tour in the spring. This is a year-long course.

Concert Choir Members:

Rep: Ariane Villanueva

Allen, Samantha (11)

Angulo, Jaylee (10)
Anninos, Alexis  (12)
Argumedo, Patricio (12)
Bague, Victoria (12)
Beebe, Griffen (12)
Bowling, Ethan (12)
Castaldo, Clinton (10)
Desmond, Trillian (12)
Dizon, Nate (12)
Garvida, Geanelle  (10)
Gilberston, Connor (12)
Gladden, Tyler (12)
Gonzalez, Diego (11) 
Habeger, Grace (11)
Harbo, Railee (12)
Hithesh, Adwaith (12)
Hosford, Isabelle (12) 
Johnson, Gavin (10)
Lopez, Taylor (11)
McDougle, Taylor  (11)
Meza, Natalie (12)
Miller, Eric (12)
Mortensen, Taylor (9)
Panameno, Sara (10)
Prewitt, Laine (9)
Rhihani, Zaide(10)
Stubbs, Hannah (12)
Suarez, Victoria (12)
Sutherland, Katie (12)
Tran, Sydney (11)
Tumbleson, Spencer (12)
Van Devender, Nadine (12)
Vasquez, Celeste (12)
Villanueva, Ariane (12)
Walston, Abigail (12) 
Zimmerman, Mariah (10)

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