Concert Choir

Concert Choir is Saugus High School’s most advanced ensemble. Students perform music of many genres, languages and periods in history with particular focus on classical, ethnic and modern art both accompanied and a capella. The students perform extensively throughout the year at festivals, concerts and in the community.

Rep: Brennah Reyes

Assistant Rep: Chloe Carranza

Concert Choir Members:

Dylan Reilly

Aysia Snaer

William Ross

Ethan Nogle

Josh Osbrone

Ethan Bowling

Spencer Beg

Lucy O’Brien

Emma Walston

Tyler Gladden

Raelee Harbo

Celeste Vasquez

Ariane Villanueva

Katherine Tovmasyan

Chazley Weidemann

Lou Degrasse

Gracelyn Cook

Eddie Mendoza

Jack Thompson

Noá Garcia

Andrea Carstensen

Skye Hanamaikai

Lucas Martin

Bruce Albro

Andrea Carstensen

Rylie Fuhriman

Jacob Hensley

Kimberly Mai Reynoza

Sophia Zavala


For upcoming concert choir dates, see the CALENDAR page.