Treble Ensemble


Treble Ensemble is Saugus High School’s intermediate level group for treble voices. Music of various genres, languages and periods in history will be performed and vocal development and style will be focused on. Students perform standard, classical repertoire as well as pop music and modern art songs. This group performs at concerts, festivals and in the community throughout the year.

Student Reps: Rosa Garcia & Zoe Jensen

Women’s Ensemble Members:

Cameron Cabuco

Audrey Dominguez

Natalie Perez

Heather Foster

Haley Langness

Donna Loetz

Katrina Nichols

Mia Page-Tretta

Rebecca Arnone

Aundrea Ballesteros

Sofia Bizzle

Carlise Dawson

Kylie Glover

Zoe Jacobs

Katherine Klassen

Taryn Navia

Sophia Raminelli

Isabella Reyes

Avery Rodriguez

Pamela Rosenblum

Emma Taen

Micah Turner

Emma Walston

Cristyn Anderson

Bethany Bolen

Jordyn Brintnell

Tyler Gladden

Addison Koegle

Erin Langness

Kylie Romero-Moore

Katherine Tovmasyan

Chazley Weidamann


For upcoming choir dates, see the CALENDAR page.