Show Choir


Show Choir is Saugus High School’s version of “Glee”. This choir is a performing group in which the students dance as well as sing.This is a highly competitive team, requiring much after-school commitments. They will perform at multiple festivals and concerts throughout the year.

Show Choir Members:

Reps: Kaila Corvera & Celeste Kay Regalado

Assistant Rep: Lilliana Romero

* denotes section leader

denotes coach

Ashleigh Buck*

Amaya Buckner

Sydney Carzola- Wardrobe head

Isabelle Hosford

Jennifer Onovo

Isabella Roldan

Nicole Ardolino

Emily Cagungao

Emma Welch

Beatriz Dreger

Celeste Regalado

Hannah Conard

Jordyn Leib

Breanna Bionson

Teresa Figueira

Kaila Corvera*

Nicole Ardolino

Breanna Bionson

Nate Pilato

Cynthia Wortmann-Tenorio*

Lilliana Romero

Dasia Tolentino- Make-up & Hair head

Olivia Dowd

Andrew Shean

Allison Corrigan

Abigail Buck

Taylor McDougle

Alexis Anninos

Ava Gonzales