Show Choir

Show Choir is Saugus High School’s version of “Glee”. This choir is a performing group in which the students dance as well as sing. They will perform at multiple festivals and concerts throughout the year.

Show Choir Parent Rep:

Student Asst Rep: Maire Morales

Show Choir Members:

Sara Abbott

Cristyn Anderson

Cass Bautista

Tayla Bonnet

Ava Bush

Emily Cagungao

Zionna Campbell

Abby Cannizzaro

Sydney Carzola

Hannah Conard

Kaila Corvera

Matt Joller

Brianna Lee

Jordyn Leib

Carrie MacLearn

Marie Morales

Megan Pote

Jennifer Ramirez

Celeste Regalado

Madison Roeschke

Joelle Rubio

Jennifer Shipe

David White

For upcoming concert choir dates, see the CALENDAR page.