Show Choir


SHOW CHOIR A/B                                                                                                                                                                            Prerequisite: A singing and dancing audition is required.  This is a year-long course.Fulfills the fine arts requirement,  UC/CSU Fine arts requirement, and 9-12 can earn P.E. credit.                                                                                    

This choir is a performing group where students will learn the basics of show choir presentation, which includes ear-training, correct vocal production and dance skills. Previous singing and dance experience is desired, but not necessary. This class competes at several competitions in the spring. In the spring there are weekly after school rehearsals and occasional weekend practices.

Show Choir Members:

Rep: Cynthia Wortmann-Tenorio

Alikhanian, Ryan  (11)
Garvida, Geanelle  (10)
Gonzales, Ava (11)
Hoffman, Julina (10)
Hosford, Isabelle (12)
Jequinto, Zachary (11)
Kumar, Ankita (12)
Lawson, Emma (10)
McDougle, Taylor  (11)
Morales Logan, Marissa (9)
Motschenbacher, Ivy  (9)
Munoz, Amber (9)
O’Rourke, Keona (11)
Salkeld, Emyrson (10)
Souza, Jaime (12)
Sykes, Kayden (10)
Tan, Daniella (12)
Van Devender, Nadine (12)
Welch, Emma  (12)
Wortman Tenorio, Cynthia  (12)
Zimmerman, Mariah  (10)
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