Show Choir


Show Choir is Saugus High School’s version of “Glee”. This choir is a performing group in which the students dance as well as sing.This is a highly competitive team, requiring much after-school commitments. They will perform at multiple festivals and concerts throughout the year.

Show Choir Members:

Rep: Cynthia Wortmann-Tenorio

Alikhanian, Ryan  (11)
Garvida, Geanelle  (10)
Gonzales, Ava (11)
Hoffman, Julina (10)
Hosford, Isabelle (12)
Jequinto, Zachary (11)
Kumar, Ankita (12)
Lawson, Emma (10)
McDougle, Taylor  (11)
Morales Logan, Marissa (9)
Motschenbacher, Ivy  (9)
Munoz, Amber (9)
O’Rourke, Keona (11)
Salkeld, Emyrson (10)
Souza, Jaime (12)
Sykes, Kayden (10)
Tan, Daniella (12)
Van Devender, Nadine (12)
Welch, Emma  (12)
Wortman Tenorio, Cynthia  (12)
Zimmerman, Mariah  (10)
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