Choir Presidents: Ariane Villanueva & Katie Sutherland

Tech Leads: Abigail Walston & Railee Harbo

Decorations Head: Samantha Allen

Course Description:

This choral class will allow students to perform and compete in a team oriented environment while simultaneously strengthening their vocal technique, musicianship, and personal skills. Students will have ample leadership opportunities, options for solo work and music outside the classroom in a professional setting. Students can explore their creative talents while also identifying themselves as life-long musicians.

Classroom Rules & Expectations:

1.Be ready! With a positive attitude, pencil and music before the bell rings.

2. No gum, food, or drinks, water is ok.

3. Respect the property and space of yourself, Ms. Holt, and others around you.

4. Listen to the teacher and others, only speak when called upon and respond respectfully.

5. Cell phones are off and put away unless instructed by the teacher to use sectionals by the designated section leader. Phones will be taken to the office if they are in use during class time.

6. Saugus HS rules and academic integrity policy will be strictly enforced, per the student handbook.

7. Take Responsibility for your own development as a musician!

8. Be willing to try new things!

9. Be present! Each time you sing make it a quality experience.

10. Develop an attitude of wanting to improve every day.

If a student chooses not to follow the rules the O.R. system of discipline will be enforced or students will be sent to the assistant principal and a call home will be made.


School tardy policy will be strictly enforced.

Missing a performance is the equivalence of missing a final exam, this is how I assess if material has been acquired or not. Missing a performance can result have a large impact on your final grade.

In the event of an excused absence (doctors note or funeral) the student will be given a reasonable amount of time to complete the work missed. If a final performance or rehearsal is missed, a research paper will be assigned in its place. Missed work or performances due to an unexcused absence cannot be made up

National & State Standards:

-Sight-read music accurately

– Read an instrumental or vocal score of up to four staves

-Analyze and describe the use of musical elements and expressive devices

-Singing and performing alone & with others a varied musical repertoire

-Sing music written in three or four parts with and without accompaniment.

– Sing in small ensembles, with one performer for each part.

– improvise melodies

-Perform music from various cultures

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