Dear Parents and Students,

On behalf of the administration and myself, it is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the New 2004 school year and the Saugus High Choral Music Program!

Over the past few years we have experienced tremendous growth in the choral music program. We now have 4 auditioned choirs – Concert Choir, Jazz Choir, Women’s Ensemble, and Show Choir – and 1 non-auditioned choir: Mixed Chorus. This year we will be forming 2 new small groups- Jazz and Show. Our choir students are exceedingly talented and hard working. Knowing these students- knowing what they are capable of doing- convinces me of their potential for continued growth. I look forward to working together with these dedicated individuals to achieve our musical best this year.

Whether you are a new member or a returning member, it is vital that you understand the caliber and expectation of the organization of which you are a part. Participation in an outstanding music ensemble can be one of the most fulfilling experiences of your life, and I expect the students and ensembles at Saugus High to be outstanding. There is no secret to success- it requires your time, your dedication and your discipline. With these things we can accomplish anything!!

I invite you to commit yourself to nothing but the utmost quality. Our level of achievement is dependent upon you. Over the course of the year you will make great friends, sing wonderful, challenging and inspiring music, experience leadership and teamwork, travel, and grow as a valuable and contributing individual. It is also likely that you will get tired, friends will get on your nerves, I may get on your nerves, you may not always want to work, you won’t like every song we sing. You may even have stress that has nothing to do with the class. Through it all it is your responsibility to see that you present yourself as an individual with strength of character, determination, high expectations and persistence. Quality is the result of hours upon hours of work and dedication from each individual member.

Our performing groups represent an important and visible element of both Saugus High School and our community. As we perform and travel throughout the community we have a duty to present an image which shows pride in our school and in our program which will gain respect from those who observe us.

The main emphasis and overall goal of the music department is to work toward musical excellence as well as developing pride of accomplishment, citizenship, high morale, school spirit, and loyalty through teamwork. It is the accomplishments you achieve and pride in a job well done that make the sacrifices worthwhile. Your commitment to musical excellence is the key to your success in music that will in turn, produce a successful music program here at Saugus.

I am looking forward to working with each of you this year. I truly love my job and the students here at Saugus High School who have brought us to the point where we can say we are achieving musical excellence. Your commitment to quality will help us continue our tradition.

Again I welcome you to the 2004 school year. Here’s to a year of great music!!

April Dooley, Choir Director